Kandisky & Synesthesia

Wassily Kandinsky (1886-1944) was a famous abstraction artist who created beautiful revolutionary paintings unlike any other artist. Interestingly, he was diagnosed with Synesthesia – A condition where one sense can trigger an immediate response to another. Through his later abstraction paintings you can really see where his condition influences his art where he toys around with paint resembling pitch or sound depicting vision.

‘I saw all my colours in spirit, before my eyes. Wild, almost crazy lines were sketched in front of me.’ Kandinsky, Wassily (Date Unknown). This is a famous quote from the artist where he explains his experiences with synesthesia.

The condition played an important role in his art. He discovered the condition whilst watching an opera in Moscow, the sounds of the orchestra would jump out and create wonderful patterns before his eyes, inspiring his art. Looking through his later work you can see how it resembles orchestral performances and for me I can really imagine the paintings singing back to me as my eyes gaze over it, it’s almost as if he has taken a piece of music, chopped it up into smaller components and has then splattered it across the canvas.


Related image

Kandinsky, Wassily. Source and Date Unknown. Travis (2012) Available at: https://www.synesthesiatest.org/blog/wassily-kandinsky-abstraction

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